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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Booking again

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I’m back

Back from the farm

Back from the cloud of uncertainty

Almost enough money made back to cover my time off

Booking shows again

Just when I told myself I was taking some time off this fall to begin some much needed recording, I spend 30 minutes typing all my upcoming shows in this email. I guess I’m back in the center seat again.

Here are the hard points:

Every Thursday Trevor Burgess (www.trevorburgess.com) and I are going to be running a free-for-all open mic night at Bobby T’s, home of the original open mic in Manhattan. Come out if you can, it’ll be just like Fats used to be.

A week from this Saturday will be my first trip to Texas to play music with a brief stop off in Oklahoma City for a show. I hope I can keep the Republicans at bay.

I have one hell of a week coming up at the end of this month. Burgess is dragging me along on a 7 shows in 6 days tour in Kansas and Oklahoma. He gets a break that Thursday but I don’t. I hope I make it to August in one piece.