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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Change #1

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I’m getting ready to head up north to Frankfort with Burgess and some girls.
We’re playing at Goob’s Guzzler tonight.
Goob’s 20th Anniversary
So the only way that we could figure out how to get all four of us and the equipment up to Frankfort without taking two vehicles was to fire up the Brougham and hook up the trailer.
This hoop-dee road trip is gonna rock
The gas bill doesn’t rock
$35 to fill it up
It had a quarter tank to begin with

Wade Bowen’s show last night was great
Talking with him before the show yielded the following quote:
“You should have played an acoustic show.”
I used my hands to make a gun symbol and pretended to shoot it into my mouth.

For those of you wondering, I cancelled the Wilmore Opry thing tonight.
I can’t justify driving 200 miles to play 2 songs for free.
Perhaps when I’m retired and living at home I can go home and play for the old people in the folding chairs.

If you haven’t purchased it yet, get EVERYTHINGUPSIDEDOWN, the new MMB album, available from their website at www.mikemccluremusic.com. Also, something else worth giving money to get is Soul Gravy, CCR’s new release.