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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Chillin’ with Quillen

| Posted on in life, music

It occurred to me that I’ve never not had a place to live. Sorry to employ the double negative, but I do not, in fact, currently have a place to live. I started thinking about it and realized that most people never have this problem, if it is a problem. It begs an entirely new approach to living.

Thanks to my cousin Wayne for letting us rest briefly at his apartment. We were pretty scraggly from the show last night in Hunter, KS
Veras was the place. I know because it was spray painted on the front of the building.

We drove around the entire town. Then we had to do it several more times because we had more than 5 minutes to kill before the show.

We literally woke up this morning and left the house we stayed at and wondered two things:

1. Which way is north?
2. Ok, so what do we do about it?

We ended up in Beloit.

Going to Salina now.