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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Five states in five days

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We didn’t play in MO or IA
I’d never even been to more than three states in a week
I feel like a rock star now

Burgess and I are getting ready to buy a big-ass tour buss. Where we are going to find a big-ass tour bus within our collective price range of $135.50 is still a nagging question, but it will happen.

Tonganoxie was an absolute blast. Trevor and I were finally clicking on the same page. He’s getting over his throat problems and lasted until mid-Nympho.

Saturday we stopped at a Hy-Vee in Kansas City. I got laughed at for never hearing of such a grocery chain before. So I don’t get out much. I walked up to the counter with a twelve pack and a two-pound pizza.

I ate it all by myself / told my band mate to go to hell

Anyway, the girl behind the counter made me scan my own beer. It was absolutely hilarious at the time, but right now I don’t see the humor in it. I promised it would make the log, though.

We took our nuttiness to Lincoln last night to open for FortyTwenty.

What a blast
Packed room
Interested crowd

The only problem I had was that I told the sound guy through the main system that my monitor was “hosed” and all he did was come up and stick his head in front of it and then give Trevor a thumbs-up.


I was kind of nervous playing bass in front of Lern Tilton, but he was cool about the fact that I’m not a real bass player. I guess I should stop saying that since I seem to now be a real bass player. I need to figure out how to be a real good bass player.

Lern gave me shit about Star Trek
I sent him a recording of my singing his song “Lowdown Dirty Drinking” in which I insert Star Trek in place of Monster Trucks.
He asked me, “Do you know that I hate Star Trek?”
I gave him a shot of scotch
He then told me he hated tequila more than Star Trek
What a shot of scotch had to do with Star Trek and tequila, I’m not quite sure
At one point in the night, he had no fewer than 9 shots at his feet
I could see the fear in Dave’s eyes

After the show, we went to Lern’s place for the after hours
Lern makes the best eggs
He played a new song on his Martin D-15
He said Dave wouldn’t let him play it with FortyTwenty
I don’t blame Dave

Well it’s been a long weekend. I think I’ll head out to Rustys for Sunday Service with pastorpetegile.com.


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