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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Iowa is a really cool place

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I feel like Trevor Burgess two months ago…no log for a week…kidding. I figure I’d better update it as my people are growing restless. OK, so it’s just Tyler giving me a hard time, but I need to be more regular.

A lot has been happening. Let’s start from the beginning.

Wednesday was a great show in Salina. Breaking out the bass was a flashback from high school. It’s nice to know it didn’t take me long to remember. Hopefully by next week I’ll have figured out how to compensate for the lack of volume in the low string. I think a compressor may be in order. Anyway, we loaded out at about 2:30 and headed for the truck stop for some breakfast. I haven’t left food on my plate for 2 years. In fact, I always clean everyone else’s plates with a “you gonna eat that?” as soon as they seem to be possibly finished. This time I left 3/4 of a plate of eggs, hash browns and bacon. Those of you who know me well know that I don’t leave that kind of food behind. I hadn’t been drinking that much, but I had some kind of flu coming on and I knew it. We left and headed east. Before we hit Abilene it hit me. I executed the stupidest maneuver of which I have ever dreamt. I thought I could get it all out of the window. I thought I could overcome the vivacious wind currents generated by having one window down on a Mazda Hot Wheels edition B2200 mini-pickup traveling at 70mph. I didn’t stop driving. I regret not stopping.

After spending all of Thursday and Friday either bed ridden from the flu or trying to clean out my truck, it was time for the wedding. My boss’s sister got married on Saturday and guess whose job it was to provide the PA. Things were going great all through rehearsal. Then came the complimentary breakfast of, you guessed it, eggs, hash browns and bacon…

I was getting ready to put money on a bet that my girlfriend would dump me Sunday night, merely because she usually does after a few weeks. I was wrong. I like being wrong.

Last night saw a great poker game at my house. I won $45 which went straight to my gas tank and quarts of oil and an air freshener. I was getting ready to crawl into bed when I remembered that the poker game had taken my mind off of the Iowa primaries. I turned on the TV and…HOLY DAMN!!!!

Edwards took 2nd place!
More importantly, Dean took a disappointing 3rd. Halleluiah! Too bad Kerry did so well, but it’s better than Dean. It’s time for all of you reading this in New Hampshire to get out and vote for Edwards on the 27th. I’m going to win this for John one log entry at a time…

I think that’s about enough for this morning. I hope to see some of you in Salina on Wednesday at Martini’s. Wish Greg a happy 7th annual 21st birthday today if you see him.


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