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Now supported by Budweiser

| Posted on in music, shows

Its been a long week
My paycheck said 61 hours
Two big auctions and two shows this last week
Makes a person beg for more

We’re now sponsored by Budweiser
Bless their kind, gentle hearts

We’re getting ready to play this show at westloop
I heard there were supposed to be 3000 people
I think they had a couple extra zeros
Seems more like 30 when I drove by an hour ago

Looking forward to the WRF
Whiskey River Festival
Kade and Trevor will be song-swapping away
There’ll be just enogh of me thrown in the mix to piss somebody off

Looked at a drummer in Pfeifer yesterday
Trevor got a chance to finally meet and hear Mike
It doesn’t look like either will work for us in the long run, but Trail Ride is going to be a blast

That’s it for now
Going to don my Top Gun sunglasses and go play on a trailer for free
Oh, the lives we lead