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Register 15

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Just a few minor points today

Less describes bulk quantity
Fewer describes a comparative number of pieces

Less fuel
Fewer gallons
Less merchandise
Fewer items
Less filling
Fewer carbohydrates
Get the point?

One more

Good is an adjective
Well is an adverb
Adjectives describe nouns and nouns (or pronouns) only. Good does not describe how something works, runs, does, or sucks.

I’m getting ready to move out of my apartment. True, I only signed the lease yesterday, but it was in just the wrong part of town.

I went to Wal-Mart
Spent an inordinate amount of money
After having been cleaning all day
I had 12 items in my cart
I wanted a can of Skoal
Their new policy says you can only buy tobacco at register 15
I walked up to the register
I couldn’t decide about what I was more mad. Could it be the notion that if you want to buy tobacco at Wal-Mart you are limited in the amount of other purchases you can make or the fact that whoever designed their signs didn’t pay attention in 7th grade English class when they taught that it should be “10 items or fewer”?