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Rollercoaster week
Great show at the Page on the 20th
Thanks to all in attendance.
Pearl Grey was great.
Like we never took a break
Played several originals with the band for the first time
Got to play “Capture Love” for Tyler and Stacie Strong
That meant a lot to me.

Played with Rob Hildreth at PJ’s last Wednesday
Dead for the first half
Got to meet Honeybrowne’s ex-drummer Brad
He came in with his friend from the military.
Shot some pool while we played
About 11:00pm Shawn Leeth came in.
Brought a big, partying crowd
Congratulations to Stacey and him on their engagement.
Happy to be there

Played Buster’s last Saturday
Couldn’t have been better
All my old friends
More like ghosts from the past
In any case, the place was packed.
I had the best time out of all of them.
Thanks to everyone for coming out

Playing tomorrow and Wednesday with Rob Hildreth
The Wamego to Lawrence world tour

You’ll hear from me.