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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

We were smoking off this bong…

| Posted on in life, music

Sitting here swapping weed stories with my buddies…

Swapping is rather bad nomenclature, being as I don’t have any to swap…

“Ninja shit…going between trees…those bushes that have pine needles on them…he passed by and I just took off for the car…pretending like I was looking for a dog…that’s the day I swore off drugs…and I didn’t…”

This listening stuff is fun….

“The cop came up and looked in the car…he had to have know that we were fucked up…looking at the cop normally, but not looking at the cop normally…begging God…yeah, you can stay in our hotel room…he would get the joint and he would just hold it. We sold him some acid and he took it right then and there. We all went to sleep. One of my friends woke up and he was standing over him like this….”

Notice the quotes. I love listening to stories like this, both enjoying their humor but thanking the aforementioned God that I don’t have any like this to tell…

I tell stories about cutting wheat and playing bars and listening to stories other people tell.

Is my life boring? Not to me. Crazy stuff is what I’m all about.

I’m playing behind Burgess before McClure on Sunday.
Perhaps the climax of my musical career
Sometimes I wonder why I’m still here.
I think I’m trying to start a panic.

I think I’m going to write some new songs and put them on the album I’m going to start working on when I write some new songs.

I need a new video card and a new tie.

One more quote…
“You gotta have a babysitter…I wouldn’t leave that leaf imprint in the concrete…”

I gotta go pay attention.