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We’re spreading Kansas country music throughout every part of the state within the next month or two.

Friday, Texas music stuperstar Trevor Burgess and I will be playing a song swap at Bobby T’s in Manhattan.

Harbour Lights in Lawrence asked me to play a show there on Sunday, to which I happily agreed.

We’re heading west to Hays for a band show at the newly remodeled Rail next Friday.

I’m headed to the biggest, baddest, Buster’s show alliteration has ever described. It’s spring break and Easter Saturday all rolled into one, and if everyone coming home wasn’t enough, everyone will be looking for something to do after Church is dismissed. Well, we manufactured a solution, folks, with a party at Buster’s.

Trevor and I have a mini-tour set up for the ides of April, so that will be oodles of fun as well.

Hope to see a bunch of familiar faces at the upcoming shows.

You’ll hear from me.