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Agriculture, skepticism, politics
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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

God bless John Scopes

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Just when I thought Bush couldn’t get any stupider…

Our fearless leader says we should teach the “theory” of intelligent design alongside the “theory” of evolution. Let’s go to class, people.

There isn’t a “theory” of intelligent design. At least, most educated scientists wouldn’t recognize it as a theory any more than they would call my belief that Bush is actually a six year old in a man’s body a theory. Sure there are people who believe it, but it has no factual basis. A theory is, by definition, as close as science can come to fact. There are other theories of which you may have heard. There’s a theory of gravity, a theory of the periodic table, nuclear theory — a whole slew of theories, in fact, that build our basis for the understanding of natural phenomenon. If we’re going to teach “intelligent design” as a legitimate alternative to evolution, we should also teach the four elements of earth, wind, and fire as a legitimate alternative to the periodic table. We should teach that a nuclear bomb is actually God farting and not an atomic reaction. If we’re going to actually instill doubt in our children about the history of evolution, we should instill the same doubt about the theory that the earth circles the sun. Oh, and the Earth is flat. Really. Some people believe it. It apparently works for intelligent design.


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