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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Kenny who?

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Still sluggish, though I feel great
Had a weird show last night in Tonganoxie
Had one guy for the first 30 minutes use me as a jukebox
He’d yell it, I’d play it
Then he became less interested as I became more
In the girl who was playing pool right in front of the stage
I couldn’t tell if she was 18 or 28
That reminded me again why I play music
So I could tell beautiful women how I don’t know any Kenny Chesney or Dirks Bentley

Swung back by Lawrence to finish the party there
Decided it would be a better place to be than on I70
Rolled back into Manhattan at noon
Looked at G’s bass amp
Decided again not to take it back yet

Booked a couple shows out west
January vacation
The week after I go to Colorado
I get to go to Lenora and Ellis

Bliggity blam
I lost my Red Sox hat
I guess I’ll have to buy yet another one
That makes two I’ve lost
One of which was literally eaten by a friend’s dog

"To the dog house I stroll" -Blaine Younger