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Agriculture, skepticism, politics
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Agriculture, skepticism, politics


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I’m glad I don’t work at Wal Mart
I went to buy groceries today
Dumb move
Every Jim and Sally was taking his and her matching-overpriced-bullshit-with-a-bow-on-it Christmas presents back to try and convince the retail giant that it should essentially buy back the merchandise, effectively paying for the mistakes made in haste. Let me tell you something, people. When you take something back to Wal Mart, they don’t repackage it and put it back on the shelves. Don’t try to justify your despicable act of returning goods by thinking to yourself that somehow someone will put your item to good use. It doesn’t happen. Most of the time, it gets thrown on a pallet, loaded in a truck, and sent to some bulk transfer station. It’s cheaper than trying to resell it.

You know, it was Wal Mart that solidified the horrible idea of a warranty in today’s society. If Wal Mart wouldn’t have led everyone on the planet to believe that they have no responsibility when they make purchases, the concept of as-is wouldn’t be so hard for the American public to understand. Now that I think of it, perhaps the whole problem is Wal Mart’s fault. Perhaps everyone should buy three of everything they want, open everything, and take two back and say they’re the wrong size, they don’t fit, they’re the wrong color to match your bloody flowers, and the batteries weren’t included. Maybe then Wal Mart would stop pandering to the ignorance of the public.

Merry Christmas


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