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Speed trap up ahead in Rossville town

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Have you ever had one of those days?

I played in Lawrence last night. I put my ducks in a row ahead of time and left crazy-early so I could listen to an audio lecture on the way. I set my cruise at 55 mph, even though Highway 24 has a 65 mph limit. I was going rather slowly anyway, so I disengaged the cruise without breaking in Rossville and puttered through town at what I believed to be a prudent speed. Paying more attention to the audio lecture that to the observance of posted speed limits, when I looked over and saw the Shawnee County police cruiser that we'll probably sell someday at the Purple Wave, he was already turning to shut me down.


I was set up by 7:30p for a show that would start at 10:30p. I killed time at Gumby's and by driving around and stopping multiple times at the same gas station for more of that new Budweiser energy drink.

I love Lawrence. Just driving around and I found a protest in progress; about 50 people were protesting one of the hundreds of protestable things our fearless leader has done. I think this was about war or some trivial matter.

Dusty Feighner and Mason Powell showed up shortly before I began playing. They were part of a packed house. Actually, I think I remember everyone who was there.

Dusty Feighner
Mason Powell
Mason's friend
Carl the singer
Heather the manager
Heather's boyfriend the bartender
Four other people whose names I can't remember

I looked over at one point and saw Dusty and Heather. That was the point at which I decided that, even though I was having a great show vocally and instrumentally, I was playing to the wall. No offense, Dusty and Heather.

That's about it. We shut down before midnight a show that was supposed to last until 2:00am. Dusty and I just sat around and drank with the staff. Great people at Harbour Lights. While I was playing, someone invited me to what Dusty tells me is a rave. I guess it's at the drive-in, though I don't know when. Perhaps someone can help me.


On my way out of town, I had one thought to relish. I had been dreaming of my traditional Lawrence Burger King fat-burger all day. I've been to Lawrence quite a bit, lately, and each time, on my way out of town, I drive through BK and get their new double-fat, double bacon, double-fat, double cheese, double-fat, double whopper. It is quite truly one of the modern marvels of the world; the greatest sandwich God (and Burger King) ever made. Burger King was closed.