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You say you want to play country but you're in a punk rock band

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I found out late last Wednesday that I was playing on Thursday the 20th with Blaine from the Blaine Younger Band at Pat’s. I ended up having to miss Bleu, but we had a hell of a time. I think. I don’t really remember much past 200 Miles Away. They were bringing up shots-and-a-half of Tequilla. I’m such a noob I took them all. I woke up on the north side of Anderson Ave. at 7:00am and hobbled a mile to my sister’s.

Saturday was a very fun time at Bobby T’s. I had the honor of playing with Robert Hildreth. After last Saturday, he’s decided to be done with music for at least the time being. My hat’s off to him and I hope he changes his mind.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who came out Thursday and Saturday.

I sold my truck
$1000 diesel
Now I just need to find another

Spinach for breakfast
Going to tailgate
First time for everything
Who’s playing?