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New downloads added

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Sick as a dog on Friday
Watched Team America
Made me wish I watched it when it came out
Like Andrew said, it is "glorious"

Saturday we went to Lawrence to see Bobbie’s art show
Very good. Lots of red.
Got a call on the way back from Mike
Ended up changing course for Concordia, Kansas
Played the Rock Quary with the Blaine Younger

A cop pulled me over as soon as we pulled out of the bar’s parking lot
He reminded me that my tag was expired by charging me with a misdemeanor.
He gave me a warning on the broken tag light, though
Believed me when I said that I actually had insurance though I couldn’t prove it
I think he was a pretty good guy, considering he could have taken me to jail on various things.

I put up some new downloads from our September Bobby T’s show
Check them out at http://www.aarontraffasband.com/download/