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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology


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I realized today the importance of watching my mouth around my little sister. Some of her favorite quotes listed from Facebook:

"Not working as in not coming to work or not working as in coming to work and not working?" -Wayne Graham, asking [Aaron] about his plans for the week

"It’s okay, I hate tomatos, too." -Aaron, to Andrew [Piester]
"But you eat them!" me, to Aaron
"I do not like them; I eat them out of respect, because if there were no tomatos, there would be no ketchup" -Aaron

"Do not buy Duracell; those are Republican batteries. Only buy Energizer…and Colgate Total" -Aaron, in answer to my comment that my batteries were a waste of money

"This tux makes me look fat" -Aaron, at Josh [Jacobs’] wedding
"It’s okay, you’ll make me look skinny!" -[Erica]

Everybody’s a writer these days. I think I’ll shut up and just think from now on.