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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Two down

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We had one hell of a time at Neighbars in Hays. Exposed to a bunch of people.

Jim’s wedding was good. I got to see a live polka band. I thought they were all dead.

We played Bobby T’s on May 2. The pre-party was good and the show was better.
It was the most packed that bar has been on a Tuesday in four years.
They told us we could have any Tuesdays we wanted.
Any musician reading this can see the humor in that.
A big thanks to Bobby T’s, though, for hosting a great party.

Trevor’s bachelor party Thursday night was an interesting time. It was good to see so many I hadn’t seen in so long.
Thanks to Pete for driving and getting out of the ticket after the casinos. Dusty, you missed a hell of a party after the casinos.

I woke up in Lawrence on Friday
Made it to KC by noon to get my truck
Back to M-town by 3:00pm in time for Dr. Deloyce McKee’s party
I left G’s sunglasses
Left for the Shades of Gray [sic] show
Big party, big party
The boys with the blue shirts and silver stars waited until 12:30am this year to shut down the big one
That’s a whole 3.5 hours longer than it lasted last year
They were cool about it
Let Greg off with a noise violation

Last night Josh and I went to Trevor’s wedding in Kansas City. It was a very nice wedding with the most fancy reception I’ve ever seen. I’m sure you’ll hear the details once he gets his website functional again.

I’ve been worthless today
Cleaning, eating, working on the websites
Listening to Angels and Demons
Dan Brown’s book before he put out Da Vinci Code
I made it through the first third today
It sounds just as good as the next one
Who cares about truth?

I only have three more weddings this season
Down south they have hurricanes
Here, we have wedding season
I think the new rule is that weddings should be between January and March
Stay away from harvest
All of you thinking about inviting me to your wedding
Consider yourself warned


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