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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology


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Down after a relaxing weekend
Wayne and I went out and painted Aggieville with Sam and friends on Friday night
I think she called us “weak” when we left for Bob’s Diner
G and Cherie and I went to Lawrence
Met up with Mason, Bobbie, Kim, and Randy at the Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers show
They made up some story when we got back about stopping to eat
I just watched a documentary about Lucero
They rock. I’d like them more if I could understand the words.

This weekend marks a turning point. It’s the end of aarontraffas.com. We’re moving forward with the new site and changes are quickly being made. I personally like the corn picture at the footer of the website. Check out the new show details page. If you select satellite view and zoom in, you can see the cars in the parking lot of the place we play. The layout still sucks, but the geeks at Chivalrous Productions tell me it will be fixed this year.