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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Bashed Goat

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Piss off, PETA.

We bashed a goat, this weekend. 14 kegs. The house got forked.

How many parties actually have a tobacco tent? I told them I gave up tobacco for lent and was having trouble getting back off the wagon. They gave me half a log.

We played in Aggieville at Pat’s for Aggie Fest on Saturday. I put that in there for the search engines, not necessarily because very many people came out or even cared. MMC is putting some cool things together, though, as over 100 bands played in Manhattan this last weekend. They’re finally pulling together and building the live music scene in Manhattan.

We’re going to hit Bobby T’s in Manhattan on Friday and have a private party in McPherson, Kansas, for the diesel mechanic graduates from Salina on Saturday.

My girlfriend, my sister, my trailer and cargo. Wow. Life is good.

Megan and Diane


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Aaron Traffas farms near Sharon, Kansas. He currently generates content at HeavyWorth and, before that, spent 18 years with Purple Wave in Manhattan, Kansas. Aaron is an active singer and songwriter and the Aaron Traffas Band's latest release, Enter: The Wind, can be found at iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Aaron served as president of the Kansas Auctioneers Association in 2017 and on the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute Board of Trustees from 2009 through 2013. He is a past instructor at CAI and co-wrote the AMM designation course from NAA. An active contract bid caller, he has advanced to the finals in multiple state auctioneer contests.