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We’ve rolled up a new website
Complete with fried chicken and cupcakes

Two shows on the menu

Friday, tomorrow night, at Professor’s in Hays. Lucas and I will be picnicking Hays. Bring chopsticks.

Friday, 7 December, will be the McGraw’s Manhattan feast that will live in infamy for one reason or another. It will be a full band meal complete with lightly browned, fruity-vegetable Lucas Maddy; over-easy eggs and dairy Chris Goering; freshly baked bread-and-starch Mason Powell; and a very ala cart Aaron Traffas (condiments, for those of you keeping score at home).

If you’re still hungry, or need a brew to wash it all down, check the new website for the video of Wayne opening a beer bottle with a laptop. Digg it. It’s on the second page.

Eat on,