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Went north to the Salebarn Ballroom
Phillipsburg last night with Blaine Younger
Big room, vroom
Place used to be an old…Salebarn
I kept looking for a ringman with a whip

Blaine keeps getting better. It’s been a long time since we two played a song-swap. The cold notwithstanding, the crowd was very solid. I’d never been to the Salebarn, though I’d heard about it quite a bit.

It was good to see Liz and Candace after seeing neither for several years. Old friends are like time capsules, good to dig up every now and then.

Friday was a rough one. Thanks for all the Jäger-nukes, everyone. I hope you’re happy, you bastards. That’s the secret to get us to play pop music, by the way.

Three Jägers for Aaron = Fishing in the Dark

Please don’t do it again.

Rolling to Longhorns in Manhattan on Thursday, then on to Olpe and Sun City to finish out this coming week.

Get it.