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Aaron's tweets for the week

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  • Aaron’s tweets for the week http://ff.im/1hs1g #
  • Home in Manhattan, KS http://tinyurl.com/6n6apk #
  • Live maps fail, methinks. Goodnight. #
  • @twosecondsaway I’ve heard good things about BlueHost. Lunarpages hosts all my sites, but can be sometimes unreliable. Rackspace is king. in reply to twosecondsaway #
  • Welcome to Monday. Foxmarks becomes Xmarks and may win race to sync bookmarks across all browsers…if they support Opera. No word yet. #
  • Safari 4 for Windows takes the lead as the most beautiful browser ever. Ctrl+pageup still doesn’t switch tabs and Xmarks won’t support Win. #
  • Safari 4 copied the worst feature of Chrome: form resubmission on browser back…I won’t be using either Chrome or Safari until its fixed. #
  • Palm still hasn’t released a date when I can get the Pre. Now they’re acting like it may be later than the previously-rumored ides of March. #
  • RT @michaelmutter: http://twitpic.com/1twns – Thats how we roll @ pwave #purplewave #
  • @jdschultz I hope the Palm Pre is released before May. I’ve seen several reports that favored 15 March, though I’m afraid it will be later in reply to jdschultz #
  • @lunarpages Hacked site reported to support 15 minutes ago. Still awaiting a response. in reply to lunarpages #
  • @jdschultz The new Safari has the same problem as Chrome that makes me not use it: it won’t handle the back button for form results. in reply to jdschultz #
  • Auction Podcast Episode 16 – Interview with Dwayne Leslie – Global Auction Guide http://ff.im/1kmC0 #
  • lol re: http://ff.im/1lti8 #
  • I’m sure that Obama got pissed that YouTube was advertising other presidents after his videos finished playing. re: http://ff.im/1luUH #
  • Yet another reason not to use PDFs…especially in conjunction with Adobe products. re: http://ff.im/1mpEB #
  • Like dataopedia, but more polished. re: http://ff.im/1mpEC #
  • Mac still 20% more expensive than comparable PC systems. re: http://ff.im/1mrJn #
  • World Famous Auctioneer Scott Musser…Scott was a guest on the Auction Podcast, available at… re: http://ff.im/1mrJp #
  • purplewave.com currently serving over 3.5 public pages per second. #
  • My class scheduled our 10 year reunion for 10 June. I think I’ll take my combine. #
  • Treo battery dying. Call work mobile tonight if you need me. #
  • @jdschultz The stats were right before bidding closed on a couple of auctions. in reply to jdschultz #
  • Another day of moving and unpacking. #