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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Aaron's tweets for the week

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  • Aaron’s tweets for the week http://ff.im/1pssR #
  • Some people don’t understand that the pro-life position is actually to support stem cell research so we can save… re: http://ff.im/1r8fH #
  • Guy Clark – L.A. Freeway http://ff.im/1rgrk #
  • Stirring up hate and discontent on Facebook. I shouldn’t let myself get sucked in, but it’s so hard not to! #
  • Billy Joe Shaver – Black Rose http://ff.im/1tEqH #
  • Welcome to Friday. eBay’s John Donahoe says “We are not a retailer.” I say, “Yes, you are.” Anyone still use eBay for secondary market? #
  • Playing a band show tonight at Pat’s Blue Rib’n in Aggieville in Manhattan, KS. Show starts at 10. Come party with us! #
  • Old 97’s – Timebomb http://ff.im/1v5QH #
  • Kathleen Edwards – In State http://ff.im/1v5QI #
  • Uncle Tupelo – No Depression http://ff.im/1v82k #
  • Leaving work to load equipment. Band show tonight at Pat’s in Aggieville will feature me, Lucas Maddy and Mason Powell. 10pm, 21+, cover? #
  • Ryan Adams – Shallow http://ff.im/1v9Zx #
  • Opera web browser version 10 alpha http://ff.im/1vYmb #
  • @dpoe bowling at the KSU Student Union. I’m hoping to break 70 myself. http://twitpic.com/23nsf #
  • I just bowled a 64. I’m going back to the Wii. #
  • @traffase Teach Megan how to use Twitter while you’re out there…start sending pictures on TwitPic of the funs! #
  • @wefollow #tech #blogger #podcast #
  • Watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Rebecca Hall > Scarlett Johansson #
  • Rebecca Hall in Vicky Christina Barcelona looks like @calilewis with longer hair. #
  • RT @wm_eddie: Bleh, Firefox on Linux is too slow. I can’t wait for Chrome or Epiphany to release. In the mean time, I’m using Opera. #
  • Google is shutting down Shared Stuff. How do I share cool websites without stooping to Delicious or Stumbleupon? #
  • RT @nicksummy: Can you hear me now guy surprises Verizon customer: http://tinyurl.com/5wky48 #
  • Goodbye, Pi Day. http://www.piday.org/ #
  • Can you stalk me now? http://ff.im/1wrdC #
  • @ahess Lucero. You won’t regret it. in reply to ahess #
  • RT @Yardboy: All I want for the Ides of March is a Palm Pre. #
  • @dreamnotoftoday When is your deadline for the video project? http://tinyurl.com/bo8lgq #
  • Spinach and mushroom omlet from Early Edition…nom…nom… #
  • @LawrenceChen I’m not a fan of Eeebuntu. I’m running full Ubuntu on the EeePC 901 with the kernel from array.org…everything works great. #