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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Aaron's tweets for the week

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  • Aaron’s tweets for the week http://ff.im/2dK86 #
  • Enjoying using Acidrip to backup’home DVDs to files using 2 clicks per movie. #
  • Playing Tiger Woods 09 on the Wii with @traffase #
  • Settling in for Star Trek IV with my girl. Can’t go wrong with an even-numbered Star Trek. #
  • RT @stbain: 900lb database gorilla (Oracle) buys the leading open source database (MySQL) by purchasing Sun: http://tinyurl.com/cs5lut #
  • http://twitpic.com/3nox5 – My father and I look up at the St. Louis arch. #
  • Counting Crows – Hazy http://ff.im/2fc6c #
  • RT @dreamnotoftoday: There are two types of people today. People who have shit their pants over Oracle buying Sun and people who should #
  • I just realize I haven’t eaten yet today. It was because of the realization that I now am hungry. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? #
  • At Tubby’s in Aggieville. The food is a lie. #
  • Tip for all you writers out there: new sentences haven’t needed two spaces after the previous period since typewriters and mono-spaced fonts #
  • Happy Jaunty Jackalope day…new version 9.04 of Ubuntu not posted yet, but will be soon! http://www.ubuntu.com #
  • @scbidcaller I thought the meeting was this weekend. Was it moved up? in reply to scbidcaller #
  • @dreamnotoftoday Should have switched to apt-p2p. #ubuntu in reply to dreamnotoftoday #
  • I’m going to be furiously playing L4D and Counter Strike tonight to try and unwind. Two hours to go… #l4d #counterstrike #
  • RT @themediaisdying: INTERESTING : Yahoo! is closing Geocities : http://tinyurl.com/dagzh9 (via @startupmeme) #
  • @dreamnotoftoday I think I probably remember your first Geocities site, too. in reply to dreamnotoftoday #
  • The new L4D play mode is a Kobayashi Maru mode without the ability to win. #
  • Manhattan’s Griffith Lumber Co. is across the street from PW. I’m watching the firetrucks put out the flames through my window. #
  • Griffith Lumber is on fire. #
  • volunteers showing up now from neighboring fire departments #
  • Purple Wave parking lot filling up with firefighters #
  • firefighters just ordered to evac second building #
  • http://twitpic.com/3x4pd – second building about to go. #
  • http://twitpic.com/3x5ei – second building in flames #
  • @dreamnotoftoday VIDEO of Griffith Lumber burning http://12seconds.tv/channel/traffas/145685 in reply to dreamnotoftoday #
  • http://twitpic.com/3x76u – More from the Griffith Lumber fire. #
  • http://twitpic.com/3x84u – Mobile Air trailer refilling firefighters’ spent air tanks so they can go back for more. #
  • http://twitpic.com/3x8rx – Still four streams of water trained on the fire at Griffith Lumber Co. in Manhattan, Kansas. #
  • Cox cable outtage 30 minutes before some really important server work. Lovely. #
  • Four support calls tonight, all to different techs asking them to pick up my messes…solid crew of professionals. #rackspace has my back. #
  • Welcome to Saturdee. Raining in Manhattan today. #
  • Looks like some possible tornado action in Lawrence, Kansas. #
  • Going to try the new Jaunty Jackalope Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my EeePC 901. #
  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix works out of the box on my Eee PC 901 without the need for the kernel from array.org #


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Aaron Traffas farms near Sharon, Kansas. When he's not farming, he works for Purple Wave. A 2017 nominee for Songwriter of the Year at the Rocky Mountain CMAs, Aaron is an active singer and songwriter and the Aaron Traffas Band's latest release, 2023's Real Small Town, can be found at iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Aaron served as president of the Kansas Auctioneers Association in 2017 and on the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute Board of Trustees from 2009 through 2013. An active contract bid caller, he has advanced to the finals in multiple state auctioneer contests.

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