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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Aaron’s tweets for the week

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  • @dreamnotoftoday too bad she doesn’t have a sexy name. Sapphire Smith would be better. On the main stage at @FoxNews. #
  • Finished up a new theme install for http://www.aarontraffas.com. One of these days, I’m going to make my own. #
  • @scbidcaller I use WordPress. It’s very simple to install on your website so long as you have access to the MySQL databases. in reply to scbidcaller #
  • @scbidcaller My – and many – web host has a control panel with Fantastico so I can actually install WordPress with three clicks. #
  • @scbidcaller I don’t use Fantastico because WordPress is sooooo easy to install as stand-alone, but it’s possible. #
  • Week: begun #
  • I’m not really liking the green on the new http://www.aarontraffas.com. I’m probably going to try to hack it to blue or red soon. #
  • Done with meetings for the day at #purplewave and now ready to go to work. #
  • @stbain Was it malwarebytes.org that you endorsed a few weeks ago? #
  • @stbain Thanks! Going to fire it up now and see how it does on a coworker’s zombie. in reply to stbain #
  • Here’s the antidote for the poison of motivational speakers: http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4096 #
  • @dreamnotoftoday You have to give up the URL for the generator. in reply to dreamnotoftoday #
  • I’m looking forward to buzzword bingo at the next meeting. I’m going to get a dobber. #
  • I just learned from @traffase that if you put dishes in the freezer, nothing grows and you don’t ever have to wash them. Genius. #
  • Blue carries the day on http://www.aarontraffas.com – thoughts? Comments on the color scheme? A few bugs in the pages-with-subpages to fix. #
  • http://twitpic.com/17p1j – Watching House with @dpoe and @traffase #
  • Booking flights through NAA Travel – the auctioneers’ official travel agent. Charleston and Indianapolis. Up up and away. #
  • @mayoauction Congratulations, Director Mayo! in reply to mayoauction #
  • I’d bet AuctionServices could install WordPress for you…all it takes is for them to connect it to the database, then it’s self-sufficient. #
  • @scbidcaller That last tweet was at you. #
  • I realize why Twitter doesn’t want threading, but it would sure make it harder to forget to hit the reply button. #
  • Updated the coverage of the KAA convention with pictures using a new picture gallery system. #
  • Chelsea Handler > Bill Maher > David Letterman > Craig Kilborn > Conan O’Brien > Jay Lenno > Jimmie Kimmel #
  • Getting ready to settle in for some coding after two days of meetings and administrative tasks. Auction Podcast tonight with Kurt Aumann! #
  • Prepping for episode 15 of the Auction Podcast. New recording system is so slick and reliable. Kurt Aumann is my guest tonight. #
  • I’m going to try to stream the recording of the Kurt Aumann auction podcast episode live on auctioneertech.com…we’ll see how it works. #
  • Live broadcast for Auction Podcast 15 with Kurt Aumann – http://www.auctioneertech.com – come chat! #
  • Done recording tonight’s Auction Podcast. Posting soon! #
  • Good morning from smoggy, downtown Manhattan, Kansas. #
  • Watching #Diggnation in HD on 50 inches of plasma. Anyone know of a good podcast plugin for Windows Media Center now that TVTonic is dead? #
  • I got Chromium running on Ubuntu. Piece of cake! http://www.codeweavers.com/services/ports/chromium/ #
  • http://twitpic.com/1a8ak – Sunday morning web development. #