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A decade in Manhattan

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Manhattan and "KS Hill" in 2005
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It came and went. I realized sometime this year that last fall marked a decade of my tenure in the Little Apple of Manhattan, Kansas. I’m not sure when I realized it, but it was much less a sharp realization than it was a dull acknowledgement.

Manhattan has been good to me and bad to me. It gave me an education and a wife. It took from me 10 years.

It’s been a fun fall since the wedding. We lit up the calendar with shows, and it was the first time I had 10 shows on the calendar simultaneously – and the first four-in-a-row mini-tour – in several years.

I’m headed to Sharon tomorrow after work to hunt with my in-laws. I hear we’ll be getting up early on Saturday so I can take them to find deer and be cold. Hopefully we’ll find some time on Saturday to look for places in Pratt to live before heading out to Buster’s Smokehouse in Sun City Saturday night to relax.

We head to the studio on Monday to begin recording the CD I’ve been promising myself I’d finish since high school. It’s finally going to come together.

Hope you dig the new looks.