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Agriculture, skepticism, politics
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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

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  • likes Sarah Palin Is Qualified (To Go Out With Me) on Boxee http://bit.ly/4LN1KA #
  • likes Sarah Palin Is Qualified (To Go Out With Me) on Boxee http://ff.im/-eMsDO #
  • is watching NFL Football #
  • What isn't a catch? That last play. #
  • Bummer. #vikings #
  • Chopped & Screwed http://bit.ly/6dKBSs #
  • Latest update to Chrome Google Voice extension is a big old bucket of #fail. Google, leave my pages alone! #
  • @bideojoe Thanks for emailing the release! in reply to bideojoe #
  • "She was speaking in cursive, I was pretending to care" just sold me on buying the Two Cow Garage album. Amazon, here I come! #
  • Two Cow Garage – Bastards And Bridesmaids http://ff.im/-ePG58 #
  • RT @tweetmeme Click here, don’t break the back button http://is.gd/6PYOR #
  • WWII Crotch Rocket! http://bit.ly/6nvWQd #
  • Coffee makes you dance around like a goat! http://bit.ly/4zE4HJ #
  • That's too bad. // RT @dN0t: Looks like @techcrunch just got pwned. #
  • Listening to the studio version of Mr. Devil by the Great Divide for the first time. How delightful! I always listened to the live version. #
  • Houston Marchman – Tryin' For Home http://ff.im/-eSR8y #
  • likes GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!! on Boxee http://bit.ly/5h6wJE #
  • Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4, Opera 10.5, and Extensions [Performance Tests] http://short.to/14wua #
  • iPad is so much better than iSlate. Too bad they didn't go with the more Star Trek -ish "iPadd" #
  • Why would I want an iPad? The iPod Touch is too thin, but at least I can wrap my hand completely around it. How does one grasp an iPad? #
  • So far the iPad looks like an awkwardly large iPod Touch. #
  • @dN0t @engadget coverage is crushing @crunchgear #
  • Wow! iPad at $499 is much less expensive than I was guessing. #
  • There's the bombshell – a keyboard dock for the iPad. It just became useful. #
  • I'm still waiting for a reason. Less portable, harder to type on, perhaps? RT @dN0t: So… How is the iPad superior to a netbook? #
  • So far we have no phone, no Flash, no USB ports, no camera, no multitasking from the iYawn. #ipad #
  • @bpiflier I'd take any netbook on the market over the iPad…they're more portable, they run apps simultaneously, and they're cheaper. in reply to bpiflier #
  • It's too bad, too, because I was looking forward to a reason to buy this thing. I want one, but it looks like an awkwardly large iPod Touch. #
  • @bpiflier Yeah, but that's why I have an iPod Touch. The keyboard dock could make it useful, but it didn't sound like there was a mouse. in reply to bpiflier #
  • Frantic Steve Jobs Stays Up All Night Designing Apple Tablet http://onion.com/bVZa8N via @TheOnion #
  • RT @MikeOMearaShow: So sad. i just dropped my iPad in a big puddle of "I don't care." http://bit.ly/4WZTXT #
  • Apple’s Solution For The iPad’s Missing SD Card Slot And USB port: Adapters http://bit.ly/azDNKQ #
  • RT @dN0t: I did not expect a timeline full of menstrual accessory references when I woke up this morning. #
  • RT @dN0t: Now that the iPad hubbub is over, be sure to tune in to the State of the Union live with my new @boxee app. #
  • RT @dpoe: RT @purplewave: 133 items are listed in tonight's Haiti auction! 100% goes to medical relief through Double Harvest. #
  • Wishing I could play the State of the Union Drinking Game with my friends, but duty calls. Less fun with DVR, I'm sure. #
  • The @purplewave Haiti auction is ready. Join us at 6 for our first live auction of the year! http://flic.kr/p/7yTsYh #
  • getting ready for the auction, testing Loopt http://loopt.us/oxbTYw.t #
  • @mayoauction Big fan of producing our own spots. Audacity and USB audio interface let you record yourself and email each auction's ad. in reply to mayoauction #
  • Muzizi performs at the @purplewave Haiti benefit auction http://flic.kr/p/7yQHu8 #
  • Muzizi performs at the @purplewave Haiti benefit auction [pic] http://ff.im/-eXUZg #
  • Congratulations, Peter!!! RT @pgauctioneer: Just won the Michigan State Auctioneer Championship. What an honor. http://bit.ly/a89VNx #
  • Benefit auction for Haiti at @purplewave raised over $35,000 for http://bit.ly/cs7nFs ! #
  • Had a great live auction last night. First time selling more than three lots in months! at Purple Wave http://loopt.us/Sn_xzA.t #
  • Watch out, bugs. I'm in the zone! #
  • Why shouldn't we use HTML/CSS in email? Guide to CSS support in email clients http://bit.ly/2NV0m1 #
  • iPad: A really cool gadget, but maybe not so important http://short.to/151wu #
  • @jdschultz What company is that? in reply to jdschultz #
  • No, we don't use their email services. HTML email is the devil. We use plain text through phpList – free and unlimited, as always. #
  • Peter Bruntnell – By the Time My Head Gets to Phoenix http://ff.im/-f0JU8 #
  • Ustream Helps Give Your Live Broadcasts A Professional Feel With New Desktop Client http://short.to/153ad #
  • Ustream Producer http://ff.im/-f1zvt #
  • gtkpod http://ff.im/-f1S9Y #
  • Try not to laugh at this picture. http://bit.ly/awoY4y #
  • Aaron Traffas Band – Ghost http://ff.im/-f3FJQ #
  • Doing some R and D with HTML 5. What a lazy markup language. in Manhattan, KS http://loopt.us/Kyky_w.t #
  • leaving for Hays at Purple Wave http://loopt.us/uJWDsQ.t #
  • I'm at The Middle Of Nowhere in Bunker Hill, KS http://gowal.la/s/c1u #
  • Antivaxxer movement leader found to have acted unethically http://short.to/1576z #
  • Broadcasting the setup from Professor's in Hays for tonight's show at aarontraffasband.com (@traffas live at http://ustre.am/6fd) #
  • iPad v. A Rock http://bit.ly/c7H3fO #
  • sound check is live at http://www.aarontraffasband.com – come out to the show in Hays tonight at Professor's – the five year reunion #
  • Making the setlist for tonight's show – Aaron Traffas and Pearl Grey live at Professor's. Can't come? Tune in to http://www.aarontraffasband.com #
  • Are you in Hays? Come down to Professor's to watch the KSU/KU game! #
  • getting ready to play as soon as the game is over. come out or tune in to aarontraffasband.com in Hays, KS http://loopt.us/8w49og.t #
  • Flash’s Decline on Lifehacker, from 2006 to 2010 http://short.to/15b2m #
  • eating with @dpoe at So Long Saloon http://loopt.us/m9mRdg.t #

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Aaron Traffas farms near Sharon, Kansas. When he's not farming, he works for Purple Wave. A 2017 nominee for Songwriter of the Year at the Rocky Mountain CMAs, Aaron is an active singer and songwriter and the Aaron Traffas Band's latest release, 2023's Real Small Town, can be found at iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Aaron served as president of the Kansas Auctioneers Association in 2017 and on the National Auctioneers Association Education Institute Board of Trustees from 2009 through 2013. An active contract bid caller, he has advanced to the finals in multiple state auctioneer contests.

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