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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

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  • Finally found the perfect Google Reader app for iPad. Goodbye, Reeder. Hello, River of News! #
  • Mashable Readers Say Craigslist Should Not Be Censored http://bit.ly/a1p8JE #
  • Duke Nukem Forever is back: coming to both consoles and PC http://bit.ly/bgr71z #
  • Social Media Grammar: The “Checkin” Conundrum http://bit.ly/c7XraQ #
  • @dN0t: The GameCenter home page itself looks like the background for a card game for an NES, though with slightly higher resolution graphics in reply to dN0t #
  • The Nexus One Was Google’s Dream. The Carriers Were Freddy Krueger. http://bit.ly/d7wpQI #
  • @midmoia: Canola oil is made from canola, which is a type of rapeseed. I think we may plant some canola next year. in reply to midmoia #
  • @mint It's been over a week now since any of my accounts have updated. When can we expect things to work again? #
  • @sprint's new website is a big bucket of fail. #
  • Fresh on AuctioneerTech: Dropbox now in beta for BlackBerry http://traff.as/KQ #
  • Am I the only one who finds Google Instant utterly annoying? #
  • @ginatrapani Love the new look of ThinkUp – any plans to be able to import archived tweets from Twitalytic? in reply to ginatrapani #
  • @thinkupapp Awesome! I had to mod the first file, but the following 8 ran flawlessly to upgrade from an early Twitalytic to current ThinkUp! in reply to thinkupapp #
  • Unas in Stargate SG-1 "Thor's Hammer" totally looks like a Jem'Hadar from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. #iamnotageek #
  • The best sandwich in Manhattan is the oyster poor boy from the Hibachi Hut…and that's after the discount for the awful bun it's served on. #
  • @bobbyts We're coming to see you. Tell @djpizzle to put on a good show…never seen it before. #
  • I just ousted Adam M. as the mayor of Bobbby T's Bar and Grill on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/aGaWcI #
  • @djpizzle 18 Days, Sk8tr Boi, Your Love is My Drug, and Poker Face, please. #
  • @djpizzle Spinnin', grinnin', and winnin'. http://flic.kr/p/8zX9yf #
  • Kansas might just screw around and pull off this upset. #kufootball #
  • It's disappointing to see Kansas self-destruct after looking so good. #kufootball #
  • Settling in to watch Notre Dame in HD. Love that Cox doesn't encrypt the NBC high definition feed. #
  • Way to go #Irish #
  • @timseley "Crush" by Cory Branan in reply to timseley #
  • @timseley Maybe "Question" by Rhett Miller/Old 97's, but that's kind of niche. in reply to timseley #
  • @timseley Check out "Miss Ferguson" by Cory Branan while you're at it – it's upbeat and very clever…not sure what you're after. in reply to timseley #
  • After spending the day wrestling with a development web server, I'm finally digging into the project at hand. #
  • Boom! Headshot. It's time for Counter Strike: Source. #
  • Whoah. Major upgrades to Counter Strike since last I played. #

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