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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-21

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  • Red dirt music with Aaron Traffas and Trevor Burgess — at Woody's Pub & Grub http://gowal.la/c/2TSCn #
  • Here's a pic I took at Woody's Pub & Grub – http://gowal.la/c/2TSCn #
  • I need to discover new, bad pop music. I think I finally found a legitimate use for Pandora. #
  • Whoa. @bleuedmondson put out a new disc last month. I'm pouncing on that. #
  • Bleu Edmondson – Believe in Me http://ff.im/-tRcyw #
  • QJackCtl http://ff.im/-tRBO7 #
  • jack-rack http://ff.im/-tRBO6 #
  • Ardour http://ff.im/-tRBO8 #
  • GNOME Volume Control http://ff.im/-tRWcC #
  • @bobbyts you doing taco tuesday with the game? #
  • New Concert: Sun Dec 5 @ Woody's Pub and Grub, Lenexa – http://iLike.com/t/1RQ1g #
  • Wade Bowen – Daddy And The Devil http://ff.im/-tUZua #
  • Roger Creager – Fun All Wrong http://ff.im/-tVszA #
  • My new vocal mic is so crisp it makes my old SM57 sound as muddy as a SM58. #
  • @dN0t You know that looks like a litter box, right? #
  • Looking forward to tonight's Aggieville show – playing at @patsblueribnbbq with my friend @lucasmaddy – testing my new mic and guiar sound #
  • No Justice – Feels Like Rain http://ff.im/-tZkvh #
  • My @boxee box just got here, no thanks to the USPS who failed to deliver it with the rest of my mail yesterday though it was on the truck. #
  • will not go to heaven, he'll go to Champaign, Illinois. #
  • #CDW has called three times since purchase asking if everything was ok. Next purchase will be from someone who won't pester me by calling. #
  • @dn0t Dude, the @boxee box is fucking tiny! About half as big as I was expecting from the pictures. #
  • I'm at Pat's Blue Ribbon BBQ (1200 Moro St, Manhattan). http://4sq.com/dn1jTh #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Bleu Edmondson (33), Old 97's (15) & Ryan Adams (14) http://bit.ly/9P1d2t #
  • Facebook 101: Don't create a user for your business – that's what fan pages are for. Friend requests from businesses demonstrate pure fail. #
  • Bleu Edmondson – Black and White http://ff.im/-u3nQ4 #
  • My shiny new @boxee box sits dormant next to the computer I'm using to run Windows @boxee so I can watch 30 Rock from two episodes ago. :( #
  • The @boxee box is a great proof of concept, but it won't be as useful as Windows @boxee until it gets Hulu and Netflix. #

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