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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-29

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  • New post | Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22 | #
  • Survived a four-day trip to St. Louis with family AND the rapture…not sure which was easier. #
  • It's Harry Chapin, all day long. #
  • My father was a farmer, he'd go tillin' in the ground. My mother was a neighbor, she'd go visitin' around. #
  • Dear Internet Explorers 6, 7 and 8. Thanks so much for your creative approach to JavaScript events. #
  • Fresh on AuctioneerTech: Stop with the QR codes http://traff.as/rR #
  • Alright, Internet Explorer. It's just you, me, and JavaScript debugging. Prepare yourself. #
  • Best radar view I've found for watching #ksstormshttp://traff.as/radar #
  • @dN0t Nothing in Wichita so far, though it's getting close. No reports of tornadoes in Barber County that I've heard. #
  • Here it comes. #ksstorms #wichita #batterybackup #beer #
  • First power outage in #wichita from #ksstorms #
  • Awesome. KSNW weatherman just advised viewers not to go to the attic. #nowIknow #
  • Listening to weathermen fill time should be a drinking game. #ksstorms #
  • With the sun about to come out in Wichita, it's time to go back to the basement. No wife tonight == Counter Strike. #
  • My NAA votes for VP and directors may just have to go to the candidates who sent me the fewest email solicitations. Facebook is right out. #
  • Someone needs to take "on hover" away from the Soluto interface designer. #
  • @dN0t I did a write-up for AuctioneerTech when they won Disrupt. Interface is awful and getting worse, but good idea. Recent update is neat. #
  • @dN0t It's really geared for noobs to help with long boot time, but croudsourced crash reporting is interesting and I'm giving that a spin. #
  • @dN0t Yeah. Somehow I doubt they're working hard to plan a Linux version. #
  • @jdschultz No kidding. I kind of wish I'd have saved it so I could count it to include the stats in a presentation sometime. #
  • @roadler Well it certainly shows…and frustrates. #
  • RT @midmoia The tornado sirens in JoCo are approximately F above treble C. #F1 #
  • Just another southern boy who dreams of nights in NYC.

    http://www.last.fm/music/Lucero/_/Tears+Don't+Matter+Much #

  • @ryplane That'd be a pretty valuable list for you, wouldn't it? I don't know how they get it. #
  • @chadsmith #jealous #
  • Bahahahaha http://j.mp/irUK4H – make sure to listen, the funny isn't in the transcription. #
  • @chadsmith Somehow I doubt all the merchants listed on the map in Wichita are ready for NFC payments today. #
  • Whoa – WordPress just pushed a new version. #
  • Special Stickers Will Bring Google Wallet To Android Phones That Lack NFC http://t.co/lvwyPVM via @techcrunch #
  • Finally done with my Advanced Technology presentation deck for NAA Conference and Show…only a month behind deadline! #
  • Gmail's people widget looks exciting – now how do we get it? #impatient #
  • @jdschultz I actually just got it – pop-up announcement and everything. #
  • @jdschultz Gmail #
  • @dN0t No. Nor can it be watched without improved creativity in your profanity. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Harry Chapin (43), Whiskeytown (14) & Lucero (14) http://bit.ly/9P1d2t #
  • @dN0t Flattered, though Freewill is my favorite Rush. Yours? #
  • I could get better bandwidth with smoke signals than with SCTelcom. #goingtobealongharvest #

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