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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05

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  • Our system of measurement is so screwed up http://t.co/x3gNtjr via @Digg #
  • New post | Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-29 | http://traff.as/rS #
  • In setting up shop at the far end of the bell curve. #
  • http://yfrog.com/h7y0wafj will it hold? #
  • @pgauctioneer Left side strong side. #
  • The Best Use For a Mac Yet! http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ThereIFixedIt/~3/6CQzbMFG99w/ #
  • Hey @billguard – your service recognized Opera 11.11 as unsupported Opera 9. :( #
  • The @revision3 @boxee app would be awesome if it had a list view option that sorted by date. #usability #tilessuck #
  • I swear that Filezilla updates every other week. I honestly don't ever remember noticing a change. #
  • We were the toughest set of kids that the mohawk had ever seen.

    http://www.last.fm/music/Two+Cow+Garage/_/Jackson%2C+Don't+You+Worry #

  • Trying to save quintuple bogey on the first hole. #
  • http://yfrog.com/gziyrizaj My wife and sister in new maternity shirts from ThinkGeek. #
  • @sethetter No kidding. Sourcing copy and other content is usually annoyingly difficult. You'd think it wouldn't be. #
  • Looks like there won't be a 7" Honeycomb tablet available before harvest. Bummer. #
  • Today must be backscatter day. Thank goodness for Gmail keyboard shortcuts. #
  • Open letter to Kansas governor Sam Brownback | MinnesotaPlaylist.com – http://t.co/NCR5yHI #
  • RT @craigapoe: Aaron Traffas Band RT @JeffGordonWeb: Who's your favorite music artist(s) right now? #
  • @dN0t Master Blaster runs Bartertown. #
  • Drive-By Truckers – Dancin' Ricky http://ff.im/-EMxRk #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Two Cow Garage (52), The Hold Steady (34) & Lucero (27) http://bit.ly/9P1d2t #
  • Headed to the airport. Louisiana, here I come. #
  • Boarding CO 2620 from ICT to IAH. @ ICT Wichita http://gowal.la/c/4mKtX #
  • Guess which story I will read first. http://yfrog.com/eh22uyj #
  • Moving from Apache on Ubuntu to Nginx on Arch is giving me a headache. #
  • @chadsmith Moving to Apache on Arch or Nginx on Ubuntu would be much easier for me. Changing both at once is proving to be…arduous. #
  • @chadsmith That's the big learning curve for me. The whole Ubuntu -> Arch thing just makes me mad when I forget to use pacman instead of apt #
  • Ohai, Google Music. I wonder if I'm the first to try you with Opera? The borked buttons would seem to imply that I am. #
  • Hey John Edwards, can't you come up with something more original than "I am not a crook?" We've heard it before. #
  • Girl hogging the power outlet next to me looks just like Debbie Gallagher from Shameless. I wonder what else she's stealing. #
  • I can hear the ultrasonic deterrent running outside this airport as I wait on the cab. It makes me want to cry. #
  • @LucasMaddy Be glad your airport doesn't have an ultrasonic noisemaker that only you and the pests can hear like mine here in Louisiana. #
  • @LucasMaddy At which port are you? #
  • @LucasMaddy It's windy, high-pitched and 93 here. How is the weather there? #
  • Awesome! Does that mean no more IE7 after August 1? RT @sethetter Google drops support for old browsers – http… (cont) http://deck.ly/~pqjZm #
  • OH: Sometimes I'm sloppy with my English, but I'm always very careful with my Scotch. #
  • Boarding CO 2935Y for IAH. @ Alexandria International Airport http://gowal.la/c/4ng7B #
  • It seems @united says I don't have a seat for the second leg of my flight. I guess booking 30 days in advance is worthless. #
  • I'm at IAH George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, TX http://gowal.la/c/4niqc #
  • George Bush Intercontinental doesn't win any points by showing soccer instead of the Red Sox game. #
  • I'll throw $50 to anyone who gives up a seat on oversold CO 2376Y from IAH to ICT. Oh yeah. Your going to Wichita. You don't have Twitter. #
  • @dN0t Consider yourself lucky. #
  • @dN0t Plane leaves gate in 10 min. I'm still giving 50/50 as to whether I'm on it. #
  • Thanks to the ball-rocking gate crew, I have the forward-most seat on the plane. #
  • I'm at ICT Wichita in Wichita, KS http://gowal.la/c/4nocX #

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