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We had our big family reunion last weekend. Diane blogged about it over on traffas.net so I don’t have to delve into it here, except to say that my family is slightly more dysfunctional than I previously realized. The kids dug my ‘copter, though, so I felt cool. New Year’s was fun. We had the […]


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There are perks for working at an auction company. We sold the Red Heel Saloon in Longford, KS. The owner seems very excited about putting an Aaron Traffas show in her bar. It looked like a great bar to play. We’ll be playing there hopefully sometime next month.

The skies are almost begging to about turn modestly red

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Long time no blog Got back from Great Bend today after making a screaming trip down there and then home on Friday, back to Great Bend for the auction on Saturday, and then up to Kansas City on Saturday night for Trevor’s birthday bash. It was great to see Kade and him play again Going […]


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I’m sitting here at soundman Chris Deines’s apartment in Topeka. I’m getting ready for another long day of the Kansas Auctioneer’s Convention in Kansas City at the Mariott. I had high hopes of making it to Tonganoxie to Trevor’s show tonight, but after getting out of KC at 10:00pm, I just didn’t have it in […]

Blessed are the snow plow drivers

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I just got back from Andover. My top speed from Wichita to Salina was 45mph. It was unequivocally the worst driving conditions I’ve ever encountered. It’s 11:24pm and we’re still setting up for our sporting goods auction tomorrow. It’ll all be a bad memory as I’m driving to Boland’s show in Hays tomorrow. It’ll be […]

I keep on driving.

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I had a fantastic weekend. Friday night it was off to Pete‘s show in Hays at the Brass Rail. He had a very good show. Thanks to him for letting me open and thanks to his friends for insisting that I drink so much. Or maybe not. I decided that his awesome guitar sound comes […]


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Sorry about the gap. I’ve been focusing exclusively on the Purple Wave and I’ve been really sick. I finally sold for a while yesterday at our big clock auction and I’d sell one lot, cough a few times, and sell another. I normally wouldn’t have been up at all but Aaron was in the same […]

Hear Aaron on internet radio!

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Aaron has recently been asked by Purple Wave Auction Co. to have some of his music played on the new, up and coming Purple Wave Radio internet radio station. Look for more details to be posted soon.

11 March Auction / Open Mic

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I think I still have something. After failing badly on Saturday opening for Trevor, I came out and tore up Guitar Town and nailed the brand new third verse to 200 Miles Away. I also had a request for, believe it or not, Doldrums tonight. I never thought that would happen. All this happened after […]