Now supported by Budweiser

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Its been a long week My paycheck said 61 hours Two big auctions and two shows this last week Makes a person beg for more We’re now sponsored by Budweiser Bless their kind, gentle hearts We’re getting ready to play this show at westloop I heard there were supposed to be 3000 people I think […]

Open mic nights

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Aparantly, an open mic in Sun City means that everyone can plug in and play along with anyone else. Listen here, Buster. It’s hard enough for professionals to play along with me. How the hell can someone with experience in strictly old country, folk, and bluegrass (the adjective operates here on all three nouns) play […]

Full Frontal

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Quite possibly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. What a Thanksgiving treat. Look out, Buster’s. Here we come. I hope you folks like the new website changes. I hope you notice them.

Cold Beer Boys

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Gumby’s rocked balls. Fantastic show. Great feeling coming off Judge’s. Thanks to the Cold Beer Boys for the show and Chris Deines for making a special trip from Topeka to run our sound board. The Cold Beer Boys were great. They were even better than I thought they would be. Thanks to everyone who made […]