Inauguration mixes hope with non-fiction

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Today marks the turning of a new chapter in American history and American politics. It is a chapter that will find Americans proud again. We will remember what it is like to be respected in the world. We will remember what it is like to feel safe and secure once more. We will understand that […]

Vote for vaccinations

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First, this is what will happen if you don’t vote for Barak Obama and instead either don’t vote or vote for John McBush and Bible Spice. Second, this clip shows some mainstream media finally acknowledging some of their own ignorance in their wrongly-alleged vaccination-autism link. I love how that little pansy Lauer gets his misinformed […]

John Edwards

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My guy threw in the towel while he still had a ghost to give. I can’t decide now who to officially hope for. I honestly think that Obama has eight great years as president some day and if the next eight years are his, he will do an enormous amount of good for this country. […]