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Still alive Barely Seven shows in six days Don’t want to think about fuel consumption Two blown tires while doing 70mph More than 1000 miles in all Never had so much fun Thanks to Dusty Feighner for tagging along Made the road a little less hostile He’s going to open for us in September in […]

Big guns

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Boy, we had a hell of a show on Saturday night. We took the most firepower I’ve ever used at a show It payed off We had a solid sound for a quarter-mile You could probably hear it much farther away than that It was certainly the fullest sound I’ve heard outside of a big […]


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So much to say, so much… Getting ready to jet for Sharon Playing out at the big Larson Trail Ride tonight Jimmy B. and Michael Kisner are coming down Jimmy’s going to bang around and Mike’s going to complain about all the songs we play with a capo Just like old times Last night we […]

Trail Ride

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Well McClure’s Soloman, KS, show got posted on his site. We can all thank our friend Josh from www.reddirtscene.com for the orchestration. Rumor has it that Trevor and I might have a part in supporting the show. Looks like the Trevor Burgess All-Stars will have a hell of a show on the 8th in the […]

6 1/2 hours

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That’s right. We played from 7:00pm until 1:30am. If you add up all the time I was on break, I was off the stage for a grand total of 10 minutes all night. We tried to shut down at the pre-arranged midnight and were immediately mobbed by everyone, including the owner, who informed us that […]

When it rains it pours

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So we go from not having clue no. 1 on where to find a lead guitarist to having 3 solid, promising leads. I spoke with Doc Nelson from Topeka on the phone about an hour ago. Turns out he’s played for 27 years and has some pretty cool Nashville stories. Seemed like the nicest guy […]

All the Blue Light reflections that color my mind when I sleep

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I’ve been listening to Wade Bowen and West 84’s live CD. It’s so good. This ain’t no dancehall band. I’ve also been working on some new songs and the website. We’ve finally got the color scheme a little less pastel. The merchandise section is now integrated into our site. We finally have bios for Jim […]


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Thanks to all our friends, new and old, who came to see us on Saturday at Buster’s. Crowd was rather thin at first, but come 9:30 the fun begun. It seems as if I’m going to have to miss band practice on Friday night…for a show. For those of you who got the email, this […]

I know me, and you know you…

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I seem to have fallen into a bottle of whiskey. I’ve been on this Stoney LaRue kick. I’ve learned “Crystal Eyes”, “Finelines”, “Train to Sanity”, and “Texas Moon”. Do you ever just cry because what you’re hearing is so good? So I’ve done something wrong within the last two months. I don’t know what it […]