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Image via Wikipedia Last night we watched The Diplomat. It wasn’t a bad movie, but there wasn’t exactly a payoff. The Blu-ray was divided into two parts, and it was only once we got it back to the house that we realized it was a British TV production. I thought the movie was over once […]


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We had our big family reunion last weekend. Diane blogged about it over on so I don’t have to delve into it here, except to say that my family is slightly more dysfunctional than I previously realized. The kids dug my ‘copter, though, so I felt cool. New Year’s was fun. We had the […]

Charlie Wilson's review

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I realize I’m the third person to post my review of the season’s best intellectual thriller. For the record, I haven’t read the other two reviews posted here, so there may be some duplicate thoughts. Before I get to the movie, permit me to describe the setting. Old Town Warren The Old Town Warren Theater […]

Sky Blazer

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This Christmas break, enhanced by the divine convenience of landing on a Monday and Tuesday, was one of gifts, new media and giving. The most novel gift, given me by my girlfriend’s grandmother, was one of those remote control helicopters. Too small and light for any obviously useful purpose like strapping a camera to it […]