I don’t know why I asked for a menu

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I bounced over to Hays last night On a whim Blaine Younger and Mike Kisner played Route 40 I think we all had too good a time I got up and played a few I’d already had too much Trying to get myself to play was like trying to herd an old, blind cow through […]

Good things come in strange packages…

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I just got off the phone with Susan Marchman…that’s right…ever heard of Houston Marchman? She called to tell me my CD order didn’t go through. Seemed pretty damn cool…it was nice to say I had heard in Kansas that Houston’s show last night went very well…kind of impressed her. They’re going to send the CDs […]

I know me, and you know you…

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I seem to have fallen into a bottle of whiskey. I’ve been on this Stoney LaRue kick. I’ve learned “Crystal Eyes”, “Finelines”, “Train to Sanity”, and “Texas Moon”. Do you ever just cry because what you’re hearing is so good? So I’ve done something wrong within the last two months. I don’t know what it […]