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Copper Penny

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I went down to Stillwater last night.
Played the Copper Penny with a sick Burgess
Mark Hunter and Katie came out. It was good to see both of them again.

We hit Willies and the Wormy Dog after we tore down. The lead singer for 12 Pearls was playing an acoustic show at the Dog. We kicked it with him a little bit while he was on break. Good guy.

Had another blowout on the way
That makes two in a little over a month.
Both were steer tires.
I told the guy at Wal Mart in Stillwater to rotate the tires so the two newest tires were the steer tires. I guess down there that means put them both on the left side.

Sitting at home in Sharon at the moment
Getting ready to go to Salina by way of Great Bend
Last night was show number one of the five in a row tour that we set up for this week last Saturday.

Burgess is playing Trail Ride and Busters with me in May.
We’re now actively looking for a drummer and a place for me to live in Stillwater.

This is gonna be fun.