Maybe we’re doing something right

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Had a call from John Owns the Longhorn in Leonardville Booked Mike and me for 9/11 I’m pretty excited about it Close to Manhattan Sounds like a place like Buster’s


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I didn’t kick anything. Had an absolutely magnificant weekend Two of the funnest shows ever Friday a surprise song swap with Trevor in Hays Fun…our first song swap The die-hard red dirt fans didn’t hurt, either Thanks for the after hours, fellas…I think Saturday the first full band show at Busters Jim had a funeral […]

Comfort Zone

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Been awfully sick this week What I get for not sleeping last weekend Played a house party on Sunday night “When somebody calls I just answer the phone / and vacate the comfort zone” Auction tonight The Page tomorrow night Buster’s with a full band on Saturdee Hope I kick the bug in time You’ll […]

Want a hat?

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I was reading my last log entry and realized I started every other sentence with “now” Sorry Now, I was peer-pressured into going to the Ragweed show. Liz and Tara made me go I wore my Buster’s hat The one in the picture from a few days ago One of the Pratt crew came up […]

The sixth season

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Here we go again Another road trip Salina from Manhattan by way of Stillwater Friday at JC’s was good, I thought Trevor seemed to believe otherwise Buster’s was fun but weird The owner’s daughter turned 19 A fact of which she kept reminding us She decreased the frequency of the reminders when I explained that […]

Big guns

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Boy, we had a hell of a show on Saturday night. We took the most firepower I’ve ever used at a show It payed off We had a solid sound for a quarter-mile You could probably hear it much farther away than that It was certainly the fullest sound I’ve heard outside of a big […]

Copper Penny

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I went down to Stillwater last night. Played the Copper Penny with a sick Burgess Mark Hunter and Katie came out. It was good to see both of them again. We hit Willies and the Wormy Dog after we tore down. The lead singer for 12 Pearls was playing an acoustic show at the Dog. […]

Open mic nights

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Aparantly, an open mic in Sun City means that everyone can plug in and play along with anyone else. Listen here, Buster. It’s hard enough for professionals to play along with me. How the hell can someone with experience in strictly old country, folk, and bluegrass (the adjective operates here on all three nouns) play […]

Lines of code

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I’ve been buried at work lately. Its quite refreshing, actually, after playing 10 shows last month while keeping the job. Already nine are booked for April with the possibility of more. I’m going to have to hunker down for a while and scrape some cash to pay the wolves. Great shows at Martini’s and Bobby […]