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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

I’m glad I’m not a dead horse

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Ahhh…relaxing at the Wave
Picturing merchandise

Listening to a DVD I downloaded of the Counting Crows
Live from Amsterdam
These guys used to be a rock band right out of the garage
Sometime since I became a fan they became seasoned professionals
There is a calmness about them that compliments their accuracy

I’m going to add some Crows songs back to my setlist. Don’t worry, I’m still fighting the good red dirt fight. I just think it wouldn’t hurt to bring back some Crows, Son Volt, Ryan Adams, and Roger Clyne.

I did the math today
14 songs ready for the new CD
Work begins in August
Shooting for stocking stuffers

Thanks to fellow musician Trevor Burgess for helping me move in to my new apartment. Thanks also to both him and Wayne Graham for helping me build and install a shower enclosure for the claw-foot tub that was there. I’m not big on baths. Trevor put it perfectly. “What’s the point? You take a bath and then you’re sitting there in your own muck.”

“I wanna be the light that just burns out your eyes” -Adam Duritz, “Catapult”