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Today I received two copies of Kansas English: The Journal of the Kansas Association of Teachers of English. The twice-yearly-published compendium includes poems, song lyrics and essays from a range of authors in Kansas. This issue featured “Red Dirt Farm” on page 65. Thanks for G to getting it listed and sending me copies. ATS […]

Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

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I’m not a fan of commercials. I know that not really anyone is, but I’m pretty good at being immune to any and all forms of direct and indirect product placement. Yesterday on Facebook, however, I got my ass kicked. Facebook has been experimenting with different kinds of advertising techniques with varying degrees of success […]

I’m glad I’m not a dead horse

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Ahhh…relaxing at the Wave Picturing merchandise Listening to a DVD I downloaded of the Counting Crows Live from Amsterdam These guys used to be a rock band right out of the garage Sometime since I became a fan they became seasoned professionals There is a calmness about them that compliments their accuracy I’m going to […]