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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Route rhymes with shout

| Posted on in life, music

Had an enjoyable time in Victoria Friday
Made sure I ate at the Library on Saturday before heading home

Looking forward to this week
I think I’ll swing over and catch Bleu Edmondson at Bobby T’s on Tuesday
Pete Gile is opening

Junction City on Friday for the Pearl Grey finale
Perhaps we’ll record a double CD of the show
Put all the good cuts on the first one
Wait a year
Release all the shitty cuts

I drove by Leonardville last night at 4:00am
Took a close look at the Longhorn
It’s going to be fun
The place even looks like Buster’s
I’m hoping to have my guitar hopped up by then
I’ve been oogling at Fishman’s new Premium Blend onboard pickup system
Rent can wait

I’m going to catch a little of Pete’s show at Rusty’s tonight
Still a little fried from partying last night
Until tomorrow…