On a Thursdee at Longhorns

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Maddy and I are sitting here, alternating single-scotch with the bottles of beer, watching this girl digging Russell Lovenstein. We’re playing the Goat Bash on Saturday with a ton of beer and friends. Sunday at Bobby T’s. Here’s Lucas to see how he does with a Treo log… Maddy here now…thinking that the goat bash […]

Route rhymes with shout

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Had an enjoyable time in Victoria Friday Made sure I ate at the Library on Saturday before heading home Looking forward to this week I think I’ll swing over and catch Bleu Edmondson at Bobby T’s on Tuesday Pete Gile is opening Junction City on Friday for the Pearl Grey finale Perhaps we’ll record a […]

Pete Gile Band debut

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I saw Pete and his band play the [Brass] Rail on Friday night. Not a bad show. I got there at 11:30 after practicing with 3/4 of Pearl Grey and the place was pretty full. They were surprisingly good, backing Pete’s performance solidly. The thing that mainly surprised me was that there was no snake […]


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Holy bat flaps, grandma. Much has been happening during the last couple of weeks. We’ve updated the website! We’ve added new songs! But who cares? WE’VE ADDED NEW PEOPLE!!! Doc Nelson has 27 years of experience. He spent many years in Nashville doing studio work. He also spent a lot of time touring nationally as […]

I keep on driving.

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I had a fantastic weekend. Friday night it was off to Pete‘s show in Hays at the Brass Rail. He had a very good show. Thanks to him for letting me open and thanks to his friends for insisting that I drink so much. Or maybe not. I decided that his awesome guitar sound comes […]


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I watched in awe tonight as Trevor told one of the Stragglers tonight on the phone that they should buy my CD and from where it was available. Pete was gambling with Jason and the Stragglers in KC tonight and they were calling Burgess every five minutes. It was a site to see. All this […]