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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Manhattan ice storm

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I was reading my RSS feeds this morning. I finished with the most recent post from my friend Rob’s weblog, entitled Dream Not of Today. The blog post was entitled Boobjob. In it, he referred offhand to the “frozen wastelands of Kansas” and I thought to myself, “what a dickish thing to write about my state”. I turned off my Treo, opened the bathroom door, walked out to the living room and looked outside my Manhattan, Kansas, house.

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Sections of town were closed off that I, in my eight-year tenure in the Little Apple, had never seen closed. Limbs had fallen on cars. Windows were broken, bonnets crunched. The main power grid was offline for many hours. My sister expects power restoration in days, not hours, as a tree fell on the line coming into her house and is a lower priority than repairs that will themselves restore heat and power to multiple houses.

I was fortunate to retain power and Internet throughout the day. Spending the day coding and helping friends with their weather-induced hardships, I welcomed the relaxing, though slightly annoying, change of pace.

I just put up some more videos and pictures of stuff and other things.


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