Mountain view too

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It looks like I got credit for G’s post both in Facebook and on Twitter. Perhaps Rob’s right. Perhaps Twitter sucks. I figure it’s a very limited time until someone like Paris Hilton starts using it, causing everyone with less than half a brain to follow her, bringing Twitter to it’s poorly-designed knees. Get it […]

Archipelago video

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From Bobby T’s in Manhattan, Kansas, on 29 March, 2008, this video of Aaron Traffas Band playing Archipelago features Aaron Traffas, Mason Powell, Chris Goering and Lucas Maddy. [youtube][/youtube] For more YouTube goodness, view this gem. Rob told me about it the other day. It’s for all you asshole racists out there. This shows how […]

Manhattan ice storm

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I was reading my RSS feeds this morning. I finished with the most recent post from my friend Rob’s weblog, entitled Dream Not of Today. The blog post was entitled Boobjob. In it, he referred offhand to the “frozen wastelands of Kansas” and I thought to myself, “what a dickish thing to write about my […]

Back to the trenches

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I’m sick of this melancholy news section Everything I post seems to fit Why do professionals have to be so dischordant Buck at PJ’s says they’ll book solo shows I’m going to talk to Brian about putting Blaine and me in there “I love this song” –someone in the next room listening to Chris LeDoux’s […]

Site fluctuations

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I guess this is the final version of the log. The news modules were never really used much on the front page. News can be put up manually with the bio and the remainder of the front page. After advice from Rob, it seems I will not be using Blogger’s service. I was a member […]

Create the catalyst

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Just finished the auction. 8:30. We need more merchandise. Just booked a show at Busters. Rick gave me hell about the hidden track on my CD…He doesn’t like the dead time between I Drink Alone and the last song…his CD changer won’t skip and keep music rolling. I guess he gets a special edition. I […]

24 May at Mike’s Sports Bar in Medicine Lodge

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Hey, folks…this Saturday will be a hell of a show that you can’t afford to miss…Aaron’s going to be doing a combined show with geek rock artist Arturo Got the Shaft. It’ll be Cap’n Rob‘s last show in the Barber County, indeed the southern Kansas, area for the foreseeable future. Do not miss this show. […]

Hastings Geek Rock Showdown…

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Arturo Got The Shaft is squaring off against Allen Masterton in a Geek Rock duel to the death. Two geeks going in… only one is making it out alive Friday night at the Blue Moon Cafe in Hastings. Preliminary peace talks have failed and the embassies close at 8pm, signaling the beginning of this musical […]