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Agriculture, skepticism, politics

Mountain view too

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It looks like I got credit for G’s post both in Facebook and on Twitter. Perhaps Rob’s right. Perhaps Twitter sucks. I figure it’s a very limited time until someone like Paris Hilton starts using it, causing everyone with less than half a brain to follow her, bringing Twitter to it’s poorly-designed knees. Get it while it’s hot.

Twitter does have one redeeming quality. When used properly, like Facebook, it helps keep users up-to-date with others’ activities, reducing the time spent on actual human contact. Human conversation is inherently wasteful. I can waste 30 – 60 seconds on a phone call to Lucas, only to learn that he’s unavailable to go eat. I called Lucas because I already know that Diane is napping because I spent 2 seconds reading her Twitter in my RSS feed. I’m just pissed because, outside of Diane, nobody else I know uses it which makes it like playing Counter Strike without an Internet connection.

I guess now that I’ve figured out how to make log entries by email I won’t have to fall back on text messages.

Yawn. I’m up too early this morning. It’s 6:19 a.m. and I’ve been working for over an hour already. Holy shit. I just looked outside and it’s light outside. That’s depressing. There’s nothing worse than getting up early and being proud of it only to have time pass and realize everyone else is beginning to wake up. It causes me to feel ordinary again.

I’m fairly excited to go to San Francisco in a couple of weeks. I’m planning on seeing Starfleet Academy. Maybe they’ll teach me how to Twitter.

In other news, this video is unbelievable. My hat is way off to my friend Brian Simpson for this homemade gem.

The full-length sweded version of the 80s classic, Neverending Story. Created by Brandon Todd and Brian Simpson over the course of 4 weekends. I’m guessing a total budget of 25 dollars and cut using a Mac. (dang yeah)



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