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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

Kingman, Kansas

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I’m getting ready to start loading
Pick-up game tonight
I’ll be playing the white bass
Through a keyboard amp

Mason bought a new hi-hat
At the auction last night
I bought an air compressor
It’s bigger in the picture than it is when it holds your papers on your desk

I pulled the twitter posts from the main calendar. I found that I was using them as a crutch, relying on them to be content updates. I’m going to see how often I write when I can’t rely on the aggregation of the microblogs.

I launched a new website this last weekend called AuctioneerTweet. It aggregates all the auctioneers on Twitter into one, central place. I also created some commotion with my April Fools release of “AuctioneerTool“, a fictional, open-source auction software and bidding system.

I can hear the highway calling
It’s saying, hey dumbass
Drive three hours to play bass
Because you’re good at it…really…you are…

Come see the Lucas Maddy Experience tonight at the Cocky Fox in Kingman. It’s a nice, family restaurant.