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Skepticism · agriculture · politics · technology

New website, show in Hays tonight

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I was up early this morning
5 a.m. early
I wish my body would knock that shit off

The band has a new site
Visit www.aarontraffasband.com if you haven’t already
Now this site can be all about me

The problem is that if the music is located at www.aarontraffasband.com and my technology and auction content is at www.auctioneertech.com, will there be enough content for aarontraffas.com? Oh, yes…skepticism and politics and farming, oh my! How’s that for a trifecta?

If you a haven’t joined the fan group or the fan page on Facebook, I invite you to do so. We’ve had over 120 new members join in the last two days, so we’ve got the big mo going for us.

Finally, I’m headed to Hays tonight for a show at Professors. Check the new shows page on the ATB site for upcoming shows…this site is going to be overhauled several times in the course of the next month or two as I play with it without fear of anyone noticing what’s going on. Cheers.