New website, show in Hays tonight

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I was up early this morning 5 a.m. early I wish my body would knock that shit off The band has a new site Visit if you haven’t already Now this site can be all about me The problem is that if the music is located at and my technology and auction content […]

Red state choices

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I guess that the benefit of living in a red township of a red county in a red state is that you don’t have to worry about choices. I want to be clear that I don’t necessarily have anything against those candidates listed in the image here outside of simple party affiliation. I’m just bemoaning […]

John Edwards

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My guy threw in the towel while he still had a ghost to give. I can’t decide now who to officially hope for. I honestly think that Obama has eight great years as president some day and if the next eight years are his, he will do an enormous amount of good for this country. […]

Saturday Bobby T's

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I won’t be there. Lucas “Squirrels are Fun” Maddy, however, and Russell “Love Rusty” Lovenstein¬†will be drinking it to ye. Rock the cash bar. Say hi to the greatest bar tender in Kansas for me. Lucas will think I’m talking about him. Don’t tell him, Greg. Diane and I are rolling to Wichita for her […]


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We had our big family reunion last weekend. Diane blogged about it over on so I don’t have to delve into it here, except to say that my family is slightly more dysfunctional than I previously realized. The kids dug my ‘copter, though, so I felt cool. New Year’s was fun. We had the […]

If I don't cry tonight…

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I was flipping through the channels last night before going to sleep and I caught President Clinton giving an address at the Kennedy Center. He spoke about what he’d done in Africa since he’s left office while making jokes (quite tasteful and funny) about the current administration. I cried. I really did. I cannot understand […]